1-hour lessons, in your home, for $60 each.

About Us

In-Home Lessons

Red Turtle is music school delivered to your door. All of our lessons are taught in the home of the student. There they can focus on what they're learning without the distraction of other lessons in a room next door, or an unfamiliar space.


When students are ready, they have the chance to play in the Red Turtle Music Showcase. Students pick or write a song they'd like to play with a band of professionals at a real concert venue. read more

A Departure

Our philosophy is a dramatic departure from the norm. The focus is on autonomy, creativity and on experiences that make it real. We find it most effective to teach a student to play their favorite songs, often beginning with their first or second lesson. Approaching music education this way allows students to encounter the elements of music organically through their own passion. It is a critical and often overlooked component to the learning process that the student is far more likely to be successful if kept engaged. This Denver Post article about us gives more examples of this philosophy.