1-hour lessons, in your home, for $60 each.

How To Start

How to get your in-home lessons started!

  1. Enroll. Take This Step!

    During enrollment, we'll learn more about the student so we can find an ideally matched Red Turtle Certified instructor. We'll also establish your payment method at this stage. A test transaction of one cent will processed, to be sure your account is working correctly. Registration can be done either online or by phone at 303-501-0084. Operators are available 24/7 (beginning fall 2013).

  2. Get Matched

    We'll find the Red Turtle Certified instructor in your area which is the best match for you and/or your family. Your teacher will be someone who specializes in your instrument of choice, has a history of success with students of a similar age group and experience level. Your instructor will also teach in the style of music that the student loves. If for any reason you feel that the instructor we've matched you with is anything less than ideal, just let us know. We'll happily pair you with another instructor, based on your feedback. If you know someone who loves their Red Turtle Music instructor, feel free to request the same one!

  3. Start Lessons

    Once you've been matched with your instructor and you've chosen a first lesson date and time, we'll charge your account for your first two lessons (all charges are 100% refundable, as are unused lesson credits). You'll meet your instructor and begin your journey!

  4. Manage Your Lessons

    How Red Turtle Music works.